What are the side effects of Alpha Brain black?

The goal of Alpha Brain Black Label is to help you achieve a flow state, a state of deep focus and complete absorption in whatever you’re doing. During a flow state, time slows down and you feel like your thoughts and actions are in sync, making it easier to get things done efficiently and effectively. This is what the Black Label version of Alpha Brain aims to do by adding extra ingredients and maximizing the dosage of the existing ones.

This nootropic stack is high in some very powerful and well-studied brain boosters, and the company Onnit has done a great job of optimizing Alpha Brain Black Label review on Vagarights the doses of these ingredients, which often doesn’t happen in brain supplements. It’s also a very clean and safe supplement that is free from stimulants, allergens (like gluten, soy, dairy, and nuts), artificial additives, and chemicals.

The formula starts off with 250mg of Citicoline, a potent compound known to enhance memory and boost mental clarity and focus. It also contains Phosphatidylserine, a powerful nutrient that increases blood supply to the brain and supports neurotransmitter levels, which is key for optimal cognitive function. Additionally, the Black Label version of Alpha Brain includes Lion’s Mane mushroom extract, a powerful ingredient that can support nerve growth factor to promote overall cognition and reduce age-related cognitive decline.

What’s more, the Black Label version of Alpha Brain has two ingredients that can improve focus and eye health, which is a nice bonus for people who spend long hours in front of the computer all day. And, finally, the blend includes a low dose of caffeine and mucuna pruriens, which are well-studied nootropic compounds that can synergistically boost energy and mood without any anxiety or jitters.

Caffeine Anhydrous 25 MG – Caffeine is one of the most well-studied and potent nootropic substances on the planet, and it’s a powerful stimulant that boosts energy and motivation, diminishes fatigue, increases attention span, and helps you stay focused. The 25mg of caffeine in this stack is lower than the amount needed to cause most people to experience these effects, so it’s unlikely you’ll notice much of a difference.

The other ingredient, Huperzine A, is a strong inhibitor of the acetylcholinesterase enzyme, which blocks acetylcholine from clogging up your neurons, so it can boost your mental sharpness and processing speed by blocking its breakdown. However, research has shown that a maximum of 250mg is the safe daily dosage to take, and the amount included in Alpha Brain Black Label may be too low to experience these effects.