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TIM GHRISKEY, CHIEF INVESTMENT STRATEGIST AT INVERNESS COUNSEL IN NEW YORK. “There were a couple changes from the prior statement, nothing huge. Business fixed investment, they admitted that its growth rate has moderated. We see that in the data. That’s really the only change of any significance. I don’t think anything in here says the Fed has to tighten in December, but they remain on pace to tighten in December. They’ve telegraphed that very clearly. If you look historically while they’re at the core PCE rate, which they admit is their medium-term objective, historically they’ve overshot that rate on purpose an average of 0.9 percent tateossian compass cufflinks uk sale. So we would expect the Fed not only to hike in December but also two to three times in 2019. And everything being equal, they’ve achieved their objective..

“The stock market is always choppy going into and especially right after a Fed announcement, regardless of what was said. Because of that business fixed investment line, it showed a little bit of caution from the Fed about becoming too aggressive and the market greets that favorably.”. RICK RIEDER, CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER OF GLOBAL FIXED INCOME, BLACKROCK INC, NEW YORK, NY. “The one interesting change in today’s statement was a reference to some moderation in business fixed investment. The Fed is clearly beginning to recognize a dynamic that has been working through the economy, in the form of tangible tightening of financial conditions.” tateossian compass cufflinks uk sale.

QUINCY KROSBY, CHIEF MARKET STRATEGIST, PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL, NEWARK, NEW JERSEY. “The Fed did not mention recent market action. However, they did point to slowing in business investment. The expectation is that business investment would pick up: one, because of the stronger economy, but primarily because of the tax cuts for companies coupled with the depreciation given to companies for business spending. They didn’t say this, but many companies are holding off to see what develops with tariff issues with China. The fact is that with more business spending, you have more help with the underlying economy. A slowdown in business spending can slow the underpinning of the stock market.” tateossian compass cufflinks uk sale.

“The question for the market is: is the Fed data-dependent or is it maintaining a rigid schedule for rate hikes in 2019? What would cause the Fed to pause? It’s clear from this statement today that they’re looking at anything that could potentially slow the economy tateossian compass cufflinks uk sale. Corporate spending is important, because business increasing their amount of investment helps push GDP up.”. JASON WARE, CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, ALBION FINANCIAL, UTAH. “We had a bit of volatility around the report but it seems to have settled. I don’t think there was anything in the way of surprises. The only change I think that is noteworthy is that growth of business fixed investment moderated, that’s perhaps got some attention, but it’s hard to know what that means. It could be a whole host of factors. But what does that mean for Fed policy? I don’t think its hawkish, its either dovish or neutral.”..

YOUSEF ABBASI, GLOBAL MARKET STRATEGIST, NTL FCSTONE, NEW YORK. “There is very little that is new with this statement. The fact that they are highlighting business investment had moderated is certainly something to consider. The other side, obviously, household spending continues to grow strongly. It shows you that the Fed understands that we continue to go down the path of an economy that is healthy and doing very well tateossian compass cufflinks uk sale. “We have a strong economy and business investment is one thing we hope could turn around if we could get a trade deal done..