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For that to change, workers such as Harwell need enough time to pay off student loans, get a raise or two, start saving for a home, and gain the additional skills and seniority needed to keep working through the next recession. “This isn’t a job anymore, it is a career..Personally, I say I need two years,” to feel economically stable, Harwell said. With the U.S tangs cufflinks uk sale. recovery pushing a decade and some signs of a growth slowdown ahead, local social service agencies and state officials say the time for “recession-proofing” is now..

“We know it is not going to last forever,” said Deniece Thomas, an assistant commissioner at the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development tangs cufflinks uk sale. “There is a sense of urgency,” for workers to assess what skills their employers will need even if business slows, she said. To help them, the state has made community college free for high school graduates and adults who have not previously earned a degree, one of the most expansive efforts in the country to encourage non-college educated adults to improve their skills. Other programs provide certifications for specific jobs in industries, such as the booming medical device field, that are struggling with labor shortages..

A look behind the headline numbers shows there is still ground to cover. The black unemployment rate far outstrips the national average, now at 3.7 percent, and since reaching that record low in May has crept up to 6 percent and above even as white unemployment keeps edging lower. Other gauges, such as the employment to population ratio, also lag. Reuters analysis of the federal Quarterly Workforce Indicators shows that out of five U.S. industry groups where the share of jobs held by blacks grew the most between 2010 and 2017, three were among those that paid the least tangs cufflinks uk sale. Three of those five were also among the industries that shed the most jobs during the last recession. The QWI tracks 19 industry groups..

Still, the gains are real. Overall black employment has soared by nearly a third since the crisis-era lows of late 2009, compared to a 6 percent increase in the number of jobs held by white workers, according to federal data. Blacks’ share of employment has also been catching up with their share of the U.S. working age population, and the gap is now at a record low. In Memphis, where 63 percent of the population is black and more than a quarter lives in poverty compared with a 14 percent national average, there is some optimism that there may be more than just a cyclical upturn at work tangs cufflinks uk sale.

E-COMMERCE WINDFALL. The city has long been politically and culturally important as a battleground of the 1960s civil rights movement, the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, and a cornerstone of American music where the careers of Elvis Presley, B.B tangs cufflinks uk sale. King and Otis Redding took off. Now, it is also making its name as a major logistics hub, a fulcrum of the internet economy that hosts FedEx’s global headquarters and the country’s busiest cargo airport.The e-commerce boom “is a game changer for us..Memphis is a poor city but logistics is a way for a lot of minorities to pull themselves into jobs,” said Neil Harris, president of the Prestigious Placements recruiting and hiring firm..