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The desirability of the jobs underscores a political dynamic often lost in the debate over Trump’s trade policy. In places like Sedalia, where 70 percent of residents of the surrounding county voted for Trump, steel jobs are prized over other blue-collar work. Sedalia assigned a team of 10 people to court Nucor for a year, and the state provided tax incentives that could total nearly $27.3 million over 15 years. Local economic development director Jessica Craig called the jobs “transformative.” swarovski round cufflinks uk sale.

Nucor gets a warm reception in Washington, too, where it’s the biggest spender on lobbying among steel firms, laying out $1.25 million so far this year, down from a peak of $2.71 million in 2015, according to Nucor disclosures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. Nucor’s political spending, which also includes millions of dollars in donations to political candidates, started under former CEO Dan DiMicco, who started in 2000 and stepped down in 2012. DiMicco went on to advise Trump on manufacturing during the presidential transition and is now a member of his Advisory Committee for Trade Policy Negotiations, a key venue for business leaders to influence U.S. trade negotiators..

Nucor also gave $1 million to a San Diego nonprofit in 2011, which was used by Peter Navarro – now a top Trump trade adviser – to make a film called “Death by China.” At one point, the film depicts a knife emblazoned with “made in China” plunging into an American flag as a voice-over intones: “China is the only major nation in the world that is preparing to kill Americans.” swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. DiMicco said his experience running Nucor shaped his views. “My customers came to me and said, ‘China is killing us’,” he said in an interview, “so this turned into something much larger than the steel industry … You may have to put tariffs on every product from China to change their behavior.”..

As they raise alarms about unfair competition, however, Nucor executives take pride in the company’s performance despite such headwinds swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. Nucor has been profitable since 1968 in every year but one – 2009, amid a global financial crisis. Nucor has also sought to block other companies’ efforts to win exemptions from the tariffs through a Commerce Department process that awards them in cases where, for instance, a company can’t find the type of steel it needs domestically. Nucor said it filed objections to about 10 percent of the more than 42,000 steel exemption requests received as of October 22..

They included those from companies such as NLMK Pennsylvania LLC, which sought exemptions for imported slabs it uses to make steel coils swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. “They don’t even make the kind of slabs we use,” CEO Bob Miller said of Nucor, who he believes wants to compete with him in selling coils. “It’s totally anti-competitive.”. The tariffs are boosting capacity of the slabs NLMK needs, Nucor said in a statement, so there should be “plenty of slabs available domestically.”..