Scissor Lift Rental Near Me

Scissor lift rental near me is a great way to access hard-to-reach spaces. These machines can lift you 19 to 50 feet in the air, depending on the model. They also have different load-bearing capacities, so it’s important to find a lift that’s right for your job.

Whether you’re cleaning out an attic, putting together a home improvement project or doing heavy-duty landscaping, renting a scissor lift can help you get the job done quickly and safely. BigRentz rents both electric and rough terrain scissor lifts to fit your needs, including models with a maximum working height of 26 feet, 32 feet, 40 feet or all the way up to 50 feet. Rough terrain scissor lifts have four wheel drive and rugged tires for use on uneven or rough ground.

How much does a scissor lift weigh?

The weight of a scissor lift can vary by manufacturer and model scissors lift rental near me, but generally you can expect it to weigh between 2250 and 2300 pounds. A typical scissor lift will have a capacity for one person, so it’s important to choose the correct lift for your needs.

If you need to lift multiple people or heavy loads, a boom lift (also known as a cherry picker) may be a better option for you. These machines are able to carry more people and heavy loads than a scissor lift, and can reach higher in the air, as well.

Scissor lifts are ideal for indoor jobs because they can fold up to a narrow width and fit through standard doorways, even when fully extended. They also produce zero emissions, making them safe for work in indoor environments. Electric scissor lifts are quiet and more maneuverable than diesel-powered versions, and are the best choice for indoor tasks.

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not require you to have a license in order to operate a scissor lift, they do recommend that employers provide training to ensure workers understand how to use the equipment properly. This can include one-hour classes that cover inspections, procedures and precautions for preventing falls, tips or electrocution; the importance of following applicable OSHA regulations; and recognizing potential hazards.

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