Prestige Homes: For a Quality Living

Prestige Waterford Price Homes is one of the most recent residential developments from Prestige Buildings located at Water Street Bangalore. This prestigious company is a leader in offering high-end residential projects, both in Bangalore and across India. Prestige Homes has also launched several luxury residential projects in Hyderabad and Chennai as well. They are offering some of the best residential projects available in India, which is why they are considered the best by buyers.

Prestige Homes Prestige Waterford Price Homes is two separate residential complexes located in Prestige Whitefield on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Prestige Waterford is a brand new development from Prestige Buildings and is spread over 18 acres of land. The project is spread over two separate floors, which include the core floor and the upper floor. The total project area is around 1800 sqm with a view of water and landscaping on both sides.

Prestige Homes has developed their portfolio of upscale homes with impeccable architecture and modern amenities. The projects are also developed on an eco-friendly initiative, so that they are not polluting the environment in any way. The residents of these apartments enjoy various amenities like the proximity to all the important places like the central business district, IT Park, and several schools including ITI College, LSI Institute, and St. John’s College. There is an airport near the complexes.

Prestige Homes The apartment complexes are furnished with all the latest amenities and interiors. The apartments are equipped with all the modern amenities like a health club, swimming pool, gymnasium, parking space, library, kitchenette and laundry rooms. The complex also provides a spacious terrace for the residents and an indoor swimming pool for the kids. The amenities that come with Prestige Homes include state of the art technology, high end appliances, high-end equipment, and a fully equipped kitchen. The apartments are also equipped with an executive villas with Jacuzzi, sauna, treadmill, ironing board, and other basic facilities.

The Prestige Homes is very much affordable and is also priced at a level that is comparable to other residential complexes in Bangalore. Residents of Prestige Homes can avail a home loan for a low rate of interest on the apartments. and can enjoy a hassle free stay in this beautiful housing property. This makes the investment very cost effective.

Prestige Homes has many apartments to choose from and each of them are designed with a distinct style that is different from the other and offer the best options to suit the individual requirements of the buyer. The apartments in Prestige Homes are located close to all the important areas in Bangalore and are easily accessible.