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The index’s eight-point drop was the biggest monthly decline since a 10-point decrease in February 2014 personalised cufflink box uk sale. The index’s seasonally-adjusted component on current single-family home sales decreased to 67, the lowest since August 2016, from 74 in the prior month. The seasonally-adjusted gauge on expectations of home sales in six months tumbled to 65 in November, matching the level last seen in May 2016. It was 75 in October. The barometer on home builders’ view on prospective buyers declined to 45, the lowest level since July 2016 and below 53 in October..

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Danske Bank (DANSKE.CO) has been caught up in one of the largest-ever money laundering scandals. Howard Wilkinson, the whistleblower who first alerted Denmark’s biggest bank to the problem, testified before the Danish parliament on Monday personalised cufflink box uk sale. Some 200 billion euros ($227 billion) in payments flowed through the non-resident portfolio of Danske Bank’s tiny Estonian branch between 2007 and 2015. The bank eventually commissioned a report which concluded in September that many of these payments were suspicious..

Most of the payments came from Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Cyprus and Britain, the report said. Shell companies were used to disguise the identities of those involved, former chairman Ole Andersen has told Reuters. Payments went to Estonia, Latvia, China, Switzerland, Turkey, Britain and more than 150 other countries, the report said. Howard Wilkinson, the head of the bank’s trading unit in the Baltics from 2007 to 2014, was the whistleblower who had warned the executive board in Copenhagen in 2013 and 2014 about suspicious activities at the Estonian branch, Danish newspaper Berlingske reported in September personalised cufflink box uk sale.

Denmark’s financial watchdog faces an inquiry by the European Union’s banking supervisor, and the Danish business minister has criticized the regulator for not being critical enough toward the bank and for trusting it too much. Not yet. The case is under criminal investigation in Denmark, Estonia and the United States. The Danish state prosecutor’s investigation includes whether top management can be held personally liable. Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has said it is investigating the use of UK-registered companies personalised cufflink box uk sale.

Denmark’s financial regulator has said the bank’s compliance and reputational risks have risen and increased its capital requirements by 10 billion Danish crowns ($1.5 billion) personalised cufflink box uk sale. In May the regulator, which is still looking at the case, imposed eight orders for reforms and eight reprimands. Danske Bank’s former chief executive Thomas Borgen stepped down, saying that although he was “personally cleared from a legal point of view” he held “the ultimate responsibility”..