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“We’ve spent four years incommunicado nordstrom rack cufflinks uk sale. A telephone signal is one of the things we most need here,” he said. In the decade since the government nationalized the 88-year-old firm, Cantv has cut investment in new technology, skilled staff have departed and thieves have pillaged its equipment, according to a dozen current and former Cantv employees and internal documents. Venezuelan businesses struggle to operate because phone lines have stopped working, worsening a five-year economic crisis that has shrunk the Venezuelan economy. People find it difficult to access healthcare or sign up for new passports because they cannot register online..

A Cantv spokeswoman declined to comment nordstrom rack cufflinks uk sale. Cantv President Manuel Fernandez did not respond to emails and text messages. Last year, Fernandez said on a government website that Cantv was a “powerful tool” to give telecoms access to people and build the socialist state. Internet use in the country had quadrupled since 2007, he said. Cellphone connections are patchy across Venezuela, however, and people are reporting ever more network outages, which the government has blamed on right-wing saboteurs..

Barinas, also the area where former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lived and studied as a youth, has been one of the areas hardest hit by the deterioration in Cantv service. In some places, coverage has been completely lost. Rusting service vehicles sit abandoned outside the phone company’s local headquarters, as it cannot afford new tires or batteries, the current and former employees told Reuters. Cantv’s own offices there often spend days without internet, they said. Some of the rusted electrical circuits providing internet to Barinas homes have not been replaced since the early 1990s and several residents said they had gone over a year without a connection nordstrom rack cufflinks uk sale.

“There is a crisis of investment,” said Jose Luis Machin, Barinas’ former mayor. A Cantv technician taking a Reuters journalist on a tour of the company’s infrastructure in Barinas said over 100 meters (328 ft) of copper cable had been stolen the night before from a bridge, severing the neighborhood’s connection. Thieves melt down the copper or even sell the cables back to Cantv, the technician and two other employees said. For telecoms services, Barinas’ nearly 300,000 residents now depend on network terminals built during the past few years by Chinese telecoms firms ZTE and Huawei nordstrom rack cufflinks uk sale.

On one block, a ZTE terminal was considered so valuable that a guard from the National Bolivarian Militia, a branch of the armed forces, said he had been posted there to protect it from vandals. Cantv, founded in 1930, was re-nationalized by President Chavez in 2007 as he moved to consolidate his socialist revolution. The company was once Latin America’s leader in the telecommunications sector. It was majority-owned by U.S. firm Verizon Communications and traded on the New York stock exchange. In the past it invested hundreds of millions of dollars in new technology each year, attracted top talent and paid them generous salaries, the former employees said nordstrom rack cufflinks uk sale.