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ICObench CEO Sharatsky told Reuters that after Hartmann wrote about his experiences on Medium, he and his staff investigated Alethena’s claims against Morozov and Bordyugov and found that both reviewers did accept money for positive ratings. As a result, ICObench stripped Morozov and Bordyugov of their expert status and took all of their ratings off the site, Sharatsky said mechanical watch cufflinks uk sale. He said the investigation found no proof that Hung’s rating was paid for. WALL STREET-STYLE RESEARCH. As cryptocurrencies move into the mainstream, some companies have started offering research in formats mimicking the style of traditional Wall Street firms..

Spero Research, based in Sydney, Australia, publishes reports on cryptocurrency projects which are “very impartial” and “very independent,” according to Henry Sit, one of Spero’s co-founders. He compares the reviews to those written by traditional stock analysts. Nevertheless, the research is commissioned and paid for directly by the projects that are being reviewed, Sit told Reuters. The company accepts payments in ether but will also accept half of the total fee in the project’s currency, depending on “how good the project (is) and how much we like it personally,” Sit said. “There is definitely a conflict there,” he acknowledged. He added that Spero would not change its opinion just because the cryptocurrency project that has been reviewed disagrees with Spero’s conclusions mechanical watch cufflinks uk sale.

Spero’s reports do have general disclosures mechanical watch cufflinks uk sale. But they are not specific about whether a payment was made by the client whose project is being assessed, and if so, how much. “Spero may be paid to publish research reports – depending on the circumstances, this may be from clients of Spero on the buy-side, or from providers of assets and currencies on the sell-side,” said the disclosure on a cryptocurrency report published in August. “Spero members may hold cryptocurrency that are the subject of research and publication.”..

Sit would not say which of Spero’s reports had been financed by their subjects. Some investors cry foul at such quid-pro-quo research. “Paid reviews should not only be disclosed, they should be outlawed,” said Ric Edelman, head of the wealth management firm Edelman Financial Services and an investor in bitcoin and ether. “Until they’re outlawed, the disclosure should be as prominent as the headline.”. An array of “ICO agencies” has sprung up, as well mechanical watch cufflinks uk sale. These promoters offer crypto issuers active followers and posts on social media platforms such as Telegram, Reddit and Bitcointalk. Online chatter can attract investors, given the lack of conventional financial information available on cryptocurrencies..

Reuters contacted one such agency,, to inquire about the services advertised on its website. An email received in response to the inquiry directed Reuters to a Telegram messaging account under the name of “Papa Karlo.” That user sent a Reuters a price list which said the agency could arrange to provide 630 comments in a Telegram group at a rate of 45 comments a day for $800, payable in the digital currency tether. Reuters was not able to confirm the identity of Papa Karlo. The services he offered were in line with a price list on the firm’s website, under the words: “We create hype through complex solutions which increase community activity.” mechanical watch cufflinks uk sale.