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ICObench is one of the most popular websites listing and rating ICOs. Its pages are among the top hits in any Google search for a specific crypto project and the word ICO, making it a key site for currency operators to appear on logo engraved cufflinks uk sale. Ratings on the roughly 15-month-old website are generated by unpaid “experts” who passed the website’s background check process, ICObench chief executive Maxim Sharatsky told Reuters. As of Nov. 14, ICObench had 361 experts whose ratings are overseen by the site’s 34 employees based in Moscow, London and across Asia, he said. ICObench had 1.7 million visits to its website between mid-October and mid-November, Sharatsky told Reuters..

The website itself makes money through advertising and a premium model which lets cryptocurrency companies pay between 1 and 40 bitcoin to be featured in newsletters, at the top of search results and elsewhere. Seven ICObench experts told Reuters they have been approached by cryptocurrency companies or their public relations agents and offered money in exchange for a rating, although none said they accepted any such offers. Tim Glaus, a co-founder of Alethena, a Swiss-based startup, told Reuters his firm was approached by multiple individuals who said they could arrange paid-for ratings from ICObench experts after Alethena listed its coin offering on ICObench. Markus Hartmann, another of Alethena’s co-founders, wrote about the experience on the blog Medium in June, in what he said was an effort to expose “de facto investor fraud.” Alethena runs a cryptocurrency ratings platform that competes in some areas with ICObench logo engraved cufflinks uk sale.

Sharatsky told Reuters that ICObench does not sell ratings. When ICObench is informed that experts may have been paid for ratings, he said, it investigates and takes the reviews down if they are tainted. “We have more than 16,000 ratings on our platform,” Sharatsky said. “Unfortunately, we have (had) accidents with sales (of) ratings, and it’s very bad. It’s a problem for me, for our platform and for all interested.” logo engraved cufflinks uk sale. FIVE-STAR REVIEWS. Hartmann was contacted in late May on the encrypted Telegram messaging app from a user with the handle “Vagiz,” who offered to get Alethena five-star ratings on ICObench for $500 each, taking a 10 percent cut, according to Telegram messages Alethena showed to Reuters..

He negotiated to pay $800 for two ICObench reviews and asked for the service to be delivered as quickly as possible, according to the messages logo engraved cufflinks uk sale. Less than 30 minutes later Vagiz messaged Hartmann on Telegram: “Done. There are two 5* :)”. Vagiz was referring to two five-star ratings from ICObench experts Daniil Morozov and Anatoly Bordyugov, according to Alethena. These were the only new five-star ratings that appeared after Vagiz messaged that he was done, leading Alethena to believe those were the reviews that had been arranged, Glaus said..

Alethena said it paid Vagiz 1.16 ether – another cryptocurrency – for the service, worth about the agreed price at the time. Alethena sent Reuters screenshots of the reviews which have been removed logo engraved cufflinks uk sale. A few days later Hartmann paid Vagiz an additional 0.56 ether for a third rating from a reviewer named Jason Hung, according to the messages. “1 rate is done. Hung is from me,” Vagiz wrote, providing screenshots of Hung’s ratings. Morozov, the ICObench expert, told Reuters he did not take payment for the rating and did not know Vagiz. Bordyugov, the other ICObench expert, did not respond to requests for comment made through his website and sent on LinkedIn. Hung, whose rating still appears on ICObench, also told Reuters he did not take payment for the rating on Alethena and said he did not know Vagiz..