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In a bid to protect this lucrative section of the market, Pfizer secured a secondary patent, valid beyond the life of the original one. The Supreme Court, however, ruled that the secondary patent claims relevant to neuropathic pain were invalid. For Pfizer, the legal fight had become a point of principle, following years of battles in lower courts, since its key secondary pain patent has now expired in Europe letter m cufflinks uk sale. But the decision could leave it open to financial claims if Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) tries to recover over-payments from using Pfizer’s more expensive branded Lyrica, rather cheap generics..

“This is an enormous blow to Pfizer letter m cufflinks uk sale. They face claims running potentially into hundreds of millions of pounds if the NHS seeks to recover the excess costs,” said Darren Smyth, partner at law firm EIP. An NHS England spokesperson said: “Clinical commissioning groups and the NHS nationally have been tracking this legal case and will be deciding on the right next steps on behalf of patients and taxpayers.”. Pfizer had no specific comment on the possibility of NHS claims but said it was disappointed by the ruling and the decision would have a significant impact on incentives for innovation in public health..

“The period that a medicine is under patent is a critical phase in its lifecycle that fuels innovation — as science evolves and knowledge grows, patients increasingly benefit from ongoing research into new uses for existing medicines,” the company said letter m cufflinks uk sale. “As situations such as these are expected to become more common, it’s important for patients that pharmaceutical companies are able to protect patents, including second medical use patents.”. The expiry of the basic patent on Lyrica five years ago had allowed generic drugmakers to launch cut-price versions of Pfizer’s medicine, which carried a “skinny label” limiting their use to epilepsy and general anxiety disorder..

(Reuters) – Levi Strauss & Co, the 145-year-old company that made the first pair of blue jeans, is planning an initial public offering, CNBC reported cnb.cx/2zSjbDL on Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the matter. The company, which plans to raise about $600 million to $800 million, is likely to go public in the first quarter of 2019, sources told CNBC. The maker of Levi’s jeans is aiming to debut with a valuation of about $5 billion, the report said letter m cufflinks uk sale. Levi Strauss said it does not comment on marketplace rumors or speculation..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission have subpoenaed Snap Inc (SNAP.N) for information about its March 2017 initial public offering, the social media app maker told Reuters on Tuesday. Snap said in a statement it has responded to the government subpoenas and other requests for information. The previously unreported federal inquiries follow an ongoing shareholder lawsuit in which investors allege that Snap misled the public about how competition from Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) Instagram service had affected the company’s growth letter m cufflinks uk sale.