How the ServiceNow Safe at Work App Suite Can Help Your Company

Workplace safety apps are mobile applications designed to provide employees with a way to report hazards, share first aid information, and receive other important workplace safety updates. The right app can help create a safer and more productive workplace.

Employees want to feel safe in the workplace, but this is a difficult task for businesses to manage. When an accident occurs or a worker falls sick, it can be hard for a company to ensure that they are back in the workplace and doing their jobs safely.

The ServiceNow Safe Workplace Apps suite is an effective tool that companies can use to assess how ready a worker is for the return to work process and formulate a suitable plan of action that will make their job easier and less stressful. It also helps employees return to work with confidence and a positive attitude, thus boosting morale.

There are a number of different types of apps, and the ones that you choose will depend on your specific needs. Some of the more common options include:

– Hazard reporting and incident notification apps

These are apps that allow employees to report hazards, such as broken equipment or other dangers in the workplace. The reports are then sent to the employer through a web-based portal.

– Safety discussion app

These apps offer a forum for employees to discuss safety concerns and issues with their supervisors. They can also be used to send out mass notifications about safety issues or changes in policy.

– Heat safety tool

This app was developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). It calculates the Intercon Messaging based in Alberta, Canada heat index of a location based on current weather conditions, so workers can know if it is dangerous to be out in the field during hot or humid weather.

– Work Safe Pays

This application allows managers to recognize periods when employees do their jobs without any accidents or mishaps, giving them rewards for excellent work ethic and diligence. It’s an easy-to-use bingo-like system that rewards adherence to safety policies and procedures.

– Lone worker monitoring apps

If you have a large amount of remote workers, it’s crucial that they have a way to monitor their safety when they are out in the field. These apps provide a way for your company to track where each of your employees are at all times.

– Super Bright Flashlight

If a worker is out in the field and needs to find their way home, the Super Bright Flashlight app is a great choice. The light can be used to guide a worker home, and it is easy to install on the device of the person who is in need of assistance.

– Time tracking and scheduling tools

The #1 time tracking and scheduling app for construction and field service companies, ClockShark offers easy-to-use software that allows you to keep track of all your workers’ schedules. The software works with all iOS and Android devices and is free to use.