Hilton Employee Discount

Whether you are a Hilton employee or a Hilton employee’s family member, you can take advantage of the Hilton employee discount. Hilton is one of the best employers in the world, and its employees enjoy substantial perks. A variety of Hilton employee discounts are available, and can save you up to 83% on hotel bookings.

Besides the Hilton employee discount, there are also a variety of benefits offered to Hilton employees, including health insurance, 401 (k) match, professional development, community outreach, and dental and vision insurance plans. Hilton also offers employees two to five weeks of paid time off per year. It also offers an employee discount program called the Team Member Travel Program, which allows employees to save on hotel stays.

Hilton employees can also enjoy great rates for travel with friends. Hilton employees are entitled to a friend and family discount, which gives employees a 50% discount on hotel rooms when they travel with family. However, there are restrictions on this program. To be eligible for the friend and family discount, employees must have a Hilton Honors account. They also need to link their Honors account with their Friends account. They can reserve up to four rooms at one time.

For Hilton employees who do not have a Hilton Honors account, they can still access the Hilton employee discount through the Go Hilton Lobby website. However, they must have a referral from their on-property manager. If they do not have a referral, they must use their Hilton Honors number to approve bookings.

Hilton offers employees discounts on hotel rooms, but these discounts do not count toward night credits. In addition, there are blackout dates for Hilton hotels. This Hilton employee discount means that hotel employees cannot book stays within 90 days of their arrival. However, there are many Hilton hotels that offer employee discounts. These discounts vary from 25 percent to 50 percent off the regular room rate.

Hilton also offers health insurance to its employees, including maternity coverage for pregnant women. The health insurance covers a good portion of the employee premiums. Employees can also claim the health insurance as a tax deduction. Hilton also offers an individual Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which allows employees to set aside money for expenses not covered by their insurance.

Hilton employees are also able to book up to four rooms per stay, and they can use the Team Member Rate or the Family & Friends Rate at a Hilton hotel. These rates are not available when booking through a travel agent or booking site. Hilton employees can also receive free breakfast in the Americas, and fifty percent off food and beverage charges worldwide. They can also receive discounts on Serta mattresses.

Hilton also offers a variety of life insurance plans. Employees who have worked for the company for twenty years can continue to redeem their discounts, even if they decide to leave the company. There are a number of different life insurance plans to choose from, and they can be used to cover medical expenses. In addition, Hilton employees can take advantage of health and vision insurance plans, which are available to members of the Hilton Worldwide Health and Wellness Program.