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“I think cryptocurrencies will exist, they will become more and more widespread, but they will be part of an ecosystem diamond cufflinks for sale uk sale. They will not be dominant as some of the early adopters believed them to be,” El-Erian said. He disclosed that he had opened a bitcoin account for $400, but only for the purpose of testing it. El-Erian was positive about the outlook for crypto assets because of the growing interest from institutional investors. “We are seeing a rotation going on – retail is becoming more reasonable if you like,” he said. “The exuberance is behind us, and institutions are starting to establish a foothold and that’s good long-term.”..

The former PIMCO co-chief investment officer emphasized that cryptocurrencies are commodities, not currencies. “They don’t have the intrinsic attributes of a currency. It is not going to replace money,” he added. Virtual currencies have been in a steep downtrend since the beginning of the year amid increased regulatory scrutiny and amid some instances of hacks and thefts at crypto exchanges diamond cufflinks for sale uk sale. Bitcoin earlier this week fell to a 14-month low of $3,462.57 on Bitstamp, and was last up marginally at $3,682.10 BTC=BTSP. It has lost 74 percent of its value so far this year, after hitting nearly $20,000 in December last year..

El-Erian said the recent crypto meltdown was not surprising. The market is going through a cycle – that of overconsumption that took bitcoin to nearly $20,000 and overproduction that has resulted in the current sell-off, he added diamond cufflinks for sale uk sale. El-Erian said this is healthy for the market. He admitted he was initially skeptical about bitcoin because it was first presented to him as a global currency, which was never really the case. But he has since changed his mind. “I didn’t initially distinguish between cryptocurrency and the underlying technology. I treated it all as one,” El-Erian said. “As I evolved .. I learned in the process.”..

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia plans to impose stiffer fines on technology firms that fail to comply with Russian laws, sources familiar with the plans said, raising the stakes in the Kremlin’s fight with global tech giants such as Facebook (FB.O) and Google. Over the past five years, Russia has introduced tougher internet laws that require search engines to delete some search results, messaging services to share encryption keys with security services and social networks to store Russian users’ personal data on servers within the country diamond cufflinks for sale uk sale.

The plans for harsher fines are contained in a consultation document prepared by the administration of President Vladimir Putin and sent to industry players for feedback, according to three sources familiar with the draft document. At the moment, the only tools Russia has to enforce its data rules are fines that typically only come to a few thousand dollars or blocking the offending online services, which is an option fraught with technical difficulties diamond cufflinks for sale uk sale. The proposal is to amend the legislation so a company not complying with the rules is subject to a fine equal to 1 percent of its annual revenue in Russia, according to the sources and a copy of the document seen by Reuters..