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“For today, it’s steady as we go. Again, expectations should have us pretty well grounded here. We knew what was coming, and the Fed delivered a benign statement. We should meander in the day’s trading.”. BRAD MCMILLAN, CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, COMMONWEALTH FINANCIAL NETWORK, WALTHAM, MASS. “I read the statement and I saw the word strong three times designer engraved cufflinks uk sale. The only real whisper of concern was that business investment had moderated. “. “What the statement overall signals is that they’re still on track to raise rates. December is in the plan and they don’t see any reason to slow or stop the rate increases.”..

“This is very much in line with what the market expected. I see the market today walking back a little from the strong gains yesterday designer engraved cufflinks uk sale. There’s no real news in the statement.”. JAMIE COX, MANAGING PARTNER, HARRIS FINANCIAL GROUP, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. “Other than highlighting that business fixed investment has moderated some from earlier in the year, that’s the only part of the statement that has really changed.”. “The Fed has recognized that there is one part of the economy that is slowing a little bit, but it is not deterring them from their gradual increase language. Not yet anyway. We’ll see if that materializes in December when the expected rate increase was to happen.”..

“There is really nothing to point to what the market had hoped, that there would be a more dovish stance. So I think this is more of what we call a hawkish hold.”. “Markets have been pushing the Fed, I think, to reconsider its path of rate increases. In October, we had this really large market decline and some had posited that it would have an influence on the Fed’s decision to increase rates in December designer engraved cufflinks uk sale. I never thought that, and the Fed rarely ever uses short-term market volatility to dissuade it from its path. So I think that was false hope, and this is sort of steady as she goes.”..

“There was very little change in the statement, which was probably as expected designer engraved cufflinks uk sale. The changes that did come through are consistent with the GDP data that was released in late October. The characterizations of employment and inflation are also consistent with the data and also consistent with continued expectations of a rate hike in December. There has been no impact on the Treasury market. Aside from coming in as expected, it’s also along the continuum of policy that has been communicated for a long time now.”..

BORIS SCHLOSSBERG, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF FX STRATEGY, BK ASSET MANAGEMENT, NEW YORK designer engraved cufflinks uk sale. “The Fed has really kept to expectations. The only surprise here is that they weren’t more hawkish. There were a couple words that were more muted – that business investment had ‘moderated’ from its earlier pace. But apart from that they have not signaled any warning signs at all.”. “The dollar had rallied into the statement, so it’s not clear how much more juice it will get with the Fed coming in as expected.”..