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China watchers were also heartened by signs of improvement in overall investment growth, which hit a record low earlier this year as regulators reined in local government spending. Fixed-asset investment growth quickened more than expected to 5.7 percent in January-October. Analysts had expected only a slight tick up to 5.5 percent. Infrastructure spending, a major growth lever that Chinese policymakers have pulled in past slowdowns, also showed some signs of life. It picked up to 3.7 percent in the first 10 months of the year from 3.3 percent previously, suggesting the government’s growth steps are starting to have an effect custom cufflinks and tie clip uk sale.

The state planner gave the greenlight to 45 projects worth 437.4 billion yuan ($63 billion) last quarter custom cufflinks and tie clip uk sale. In response, cement production jumped 13.1 percent in October. Private sector fixed-asset investment also edged up, to 8.8 percent. It accounts for about 60 percent of overall investment in China. China has pledged to ramp up infrastructure investment further to spur demand. But even if projects get funding swiftly, economists note it will take some time before the new spending works its way through the economy and growth starts to stabilize..

Possibly adding to consumer jitters, even China’s vaunted property market is showing signs of fatigue, with growth in real estate investment cooling to a 10-month low and home sales falling again last month. Property investment, which mainly focuses on residential but also includes commercial and office space, grew 7.7 percent in October on-year, slowing from 8.9 percent in September, Reuters calculations showed custom cufflinks and tie clip uk sale. Property sales by floor area fell 3.1 percent, following a 3.6 percent decline in September, official data showed..

(Reuters) – Blue Apron Holdings Inc (APRN.N) on Wednesday said it plans to cut marketing spending, sacrificing possible revenue growth to focus on promoting its meal-kit delivery service to its highest-paying, most profitable customers. Shares of Blue Apron slid more than 10 percent after the move was revealed in an early-morning conference call that followed disappointing third-quarter results released late on Tuesday, along with a layoff announcement. Shares bounced off session lows but remained down around 5 percent at midday custom cufflinks and tie clip uk sale.

Moving into 2019, Blue Apron will spend less on acquiring new customers “while targeting customers that exhibit the attributes of our best customers,” Chief Financial Officer Tim Bensley said on the conference call. He added that the company’s focus will be on the top 30 percent of its customers custom cufflinks and tie clip uk sale. Spending cuts will allow Blue April to focus on customers with “proven affinity and retention” and help it turn its first profit on an adjusted EBITDA basis in the first quarter of 2019, Bensley said..