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Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed in a statement late on Monday that the USDA had deemed Argentine beef to be in line with U.S. sanitation requirements, paving the way for it to return to the U.S. market for the first time in 17 years calculator cufflinks uk sale. Before any U.S. beef can be exported to Argentina, meat companies need to register their products, processing plants and labels with Argentina’s National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality, said Joe Schuele, spokesman for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, a trade group..

“Opening the border to raw beef from Argentina is certain to put downward pressure on U.S calculator cufflinks uk sale. cattle prices, and meat packers will be able to use this cheaper, undifferentiated beef as a direct substitute for beef produced by U.S. cattle producers,” said Bill Bullard, chief executive of U.S. cattle producers’ group R-CALF USA. Bircher said Argentina stopped exporting beef to the United States about 17 years ago due to U.S. concerns about contamination of Argentine cattle by foot-and-mouth disease..

“We have eliminated that through a vaccine program in our livestock sector,” she said. Another senior Argentine official, speaking on background, confirmed that Argentina and the United States were “close” to striking a deal. The last time the United States sent fresh beef to Argentina was in 1999, according to Argentina’s official statistics agency. Once one of the world’s top five beef suppliers, Argentina was hobbled under the anti-farm policies of the country’s previous president, Cristina Fernandez calculator cufflinks uk sale. The country fell off the top 10 list of beef exporters during her eight-year presidency..

It is back in the top 10, according to USDA data, and could get into the top five next year thanks to the free-market policies of President Mauricio Macri and a sharp weakening of the local peso currency this year. The United States produced 11.9 million tonnes of beef last year and exported 1.3 million tonnes, according to USDA data. Argentina produced 2.8 million tonnes of beef and veal in 2017, exceeding its domestic consumption by 293,000 tonnes in 2017. It is a delicate time for the world food system. Traditional trade routes of grains and oilseeds have been interrupted by a trade war between Washington and Beijing, and the world’s two biggest economies are now looking for new commercial partnerships to strengthen their positions calculator cufflinks uk sale.

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Budget carrier Norwegian Air (NWC.OL) plans to start flights between London and Rio de Janeiro in March to break what it said was a “monopoly” enjoyed by British Airways between the two cities. The route from London’s Gatwick airport to Rio de Janeiro will start on March 31 and have four weekly flights, with fares starting at 1,200 reais ($307.72) one way, Norwegian said on Tuesday calculator cufflinks uk sale. British Airways currently operates the Rio route without competition and shares the London to Sao Paulo route with LATAM Airlines Group (LTM.SN)..