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Only 20 percent of all the permanent employees of the top publicly traded companies in India are women, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. A 2013 law aimed at making workplaces safer for women mandated that all companies employing 10 or more workers should form an internal committee that would look at complaints of sexual harassment. It also mandated employers to organize awareness program about the law british airways cufflinks uk sale. In practice, many companies still have a long way to go to meet the law’s standards, human resources experts said..

“Very few companies are 100 percent compliant,” said Alex, chief executive of Rainmaker. India recorded 533 cases of sexual harassment against women in the workplace in the year to July, compared with 522 in the whole of 2015, government data showed. It was not clear how that data was compiled. But reporting of complaints remains low, largely because women fear a backlash, say experts british airways cufflinks uk sale. A recent survey from citizen engagement platform LocalCircles showed that 78 percent of the 7,600 people polled said they or their family members faced, but did not report, sexual harassment in the workplace..

Mukund Rajan, former chief ethics officer at Indian conglomerate Tata Sons, said many companies paid only “lip service” to protecting women’s interests british airways cufflinks uk sale. The Indian law says a complaint and the identity of a woman alleging sexual harassment, as well as a company’s subsequent internal investigation, must be kept confidential. “I have seen a number of cases where whistleblowers who have called out senior managers for misconduct or offensive behavior have ended up being shown the exit door themselves,” Rajan said..

(Reuters) – Dell Technologies on Thursday raised its offer to buy back shares tied to its interest in software maker VMware DVMT.N to $23.9 billion from $21.7 billion, prompting billionaire investor Carl Icahn to abandon his campaign to scupper the deal british airways cufflinks uk sale. The acquisition of the publicly traded tracking stock will result in Dell becoming a publicly listed company without an initial public offering (IPO). Dell decided to shun a traditional IPO amid uncertainty over how stock market investors would respond to its $50 billion debt pile..

Dell said on Thursday it would borrow an additional $5 billion from banks to finance its revised tracking stock offer. Dell made its first offer for the tracking stock in July, and ran into investor opposition over the value of its bid. The revised terms, announced ahead of a scheduled vote on the deal by tracking stock owners on Dec. 11, came following negotiations with several large shareholders. Icahn said he would abandon his proxy fight and lawsuits against Dell. While Dell’s new offer still undervalues the tracking stock, the company managed to secure enough investor support to be able to overcome a challenge, Icahn said british airways cufflinks uk sale.