Best Looking Natural Bodybuilders Today

best looking natural bodybuilders

When it comes to fitness, a natural bodybuilder has no need for steroids. He has an incredible physique without the use of any supplements or hormones. Rob Riches, for example, has been competing in the BNBF, Musclemania, UKBFF, and NPA since he was fifteen years old. The best part about Rob’s physique is that he never tested positive for steroids! Rob Riches has the type of physique that will turn heads no matter where he goes!
Sadik Hadzovic

One of the best-looking natural bodybuilders today is Sadik Hadzovic. Born in a war-torn country in Bosnia, the Serbian born athlete grew up idolizing comic book heroes and wanted to build a body like them. Growing up in a war-torn country, Sadik wanted to have a physique that would dominate the athletes’ circle. His desire to achieve a superhero-like physique led him to start working out when he was fourteen years old.
Jeff Rodriquez

There are many reasons why Jeff Rodriguez is one of the best-looking¬†world’s best natural bodybuilders natural bodybuilders in the world. He has fantastic conditioning, muscle separation, and symmetry, and he has a physique that rivals those of professional bodybuilders. But the biggest reason why Jeff Rodriguez is so attractive and so well-shaped is that he doesn’t use steroids or take any artificial supplements.
Connor Murphy

Despite the fact that he is known as one of the most well-built and sexiest bodybuilders in the world, you should not make any assumptions about his sexual orientation. In fact, he has declared himself gay on his YouTube account, and he has uploaded several videos proving his sexuality. Also, he has an avid fan base on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Simeon Panda

While competing in the Musclemania natural bodybuilding competitions, Simeon Panda is under fire for allegedly using steroids. He has denied using any kind of steroid. Several critics have accused him of lying, but his denials have been backed up by scientific evidence. Among the experts who conducted the test are Don Cargill, a NADAC senior examiner and chairman of the UK and European polygraph associations.
Mike O’Hearn

The four-time Mr. Universe and 4-time Power Lifting Champion, Mike O’Hearn is an extremely well-rounded athlete who has won more than 300 fitness competitions. His physique has been featured in more than 470 fitness magazines and he has won seven titles as Fitness Male Model of the Year. His looks have even made him the cover model for several romance novels.
Lazar Angelov

Many people are interested in achieving the physique of Lazar Angelov, a Russian-born bodybuilder. This Bulgarian athlete was a basketball player in his youth and later joined the army. As a result of his natural bodybuilding training, he has developed massive delts and ribbed abs. Lazar Angelov has never tested positive for drugs or failed to pass a drug test. However, it is unclear whether he is juicing or not.
Natty Graham

If you have ever wondered what made Natty Graham so huge, you’re not alone. Almost everyone has heard of him. He’s a seasoned bodybuilder who built massive muscles without anabolic steroids. However, what makes him so different than your average bodybuilder is his ability to build massive muscles while eating healthy and exercising. Rather than relying on supplements, Graham’s workouts are all natural and without any side effects.
Rob Riches

Many fitness models and celebrities claim to be 100% natural, but has Rob Riches been tested for drugs? The fitness model and fitness guru claims he’s “100% natural” but the results came back negative when he took an undisclosed amphetamine supplement. Although he claims to be a natural bodybuilder, the fitness model’s ultra-deep cuts and lean mass suggest otherwise.