Bendigo Concrete Slab Contractors

Whether you need a base for gas hot water or air conditioning, a pool slab, or a plaque for your garden, you can get a concrete slab from Bendigo Precast Concrete. There are 3 different styles of concrete slabs available. Learn more about them below! You’ll be glad you chose one when you see it! Bendigo Precast Concrete offers 3 styles for your needs: classic, rustic, and contemporary.


There are several factors to consider when determining the cost of concrete slab Bendigo. The size of the area that needs to be covered will determine the price. Generally, concrete slabs cost between $75 and $110 per square metre. To find a reliable, local concrete slabs contractor, you can use hipages, an online tradie directory. The price will depend on the size of the slab, the amount of concrete required, and other factors.


The thermal conductivity of concrete slabs is an important indicator of how effectively it can retain and transfer heat from one area to another. This property is proportional to the density of the concrete. It depends on many factors, such as its composition, depth, and overall density. Thermal mass acts as a regulator of temperature and can improve the efficiency of a building. Here are some of the characteristics of concrete slabs that you should know about.


Various conditions can cause damage to concrete slabs. These conditions range from structural to corrosive. The repair of cracks in concrete requires a skilled Bendigo concrete contractor. If you live in Bendigo and are interested in finding a local concrete contractor, iseekplant can help. With their free quotes and customer reviews, iseekplant can help you choose a local contractor. The site also has listings of concrete suppliers in other cities and states.

Contractors in Bendigo

ULTIMATE CONCRETE CO PTY LTD is a local Bendigo, VIC, Australia business. The company was established in 1992 and specializes in the Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors industry. They employ 4 people and generate $1.38 million in annual sales. While this may sound like a small number, it actually represents an impressive level of turnover in the industry. For more information about concrete slab contractors in Bendigo, please contact us today.

GPR technology

Using GPR technology on concrete slabs in Benfico will enable contractors to pinpoint unseen objects and assess the condition of the slab before saw cutting. These unseen objects may include pipes, conduits, rebar, and grade beams. To avoid damaging these unseen objects, contractors should follow the Saw Cutting Safety Process, which utilises multiple GPR antennas to obtain accurate information.