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Following the mediation panel’s decision earlier this month on the case, Samsung will pay up to 150 million won ($132,649.45) for each former and current employee suffering from work-related diseases if they are found to be caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. All former and current Samsung employees as well as the company’s contractors who worked at Samsung’s semiconductor and display production plants for more than one year since 1984 are eligible to be compensated for their illnesses antique silver cufflinks uk uk sale.

Kim said the company would post its compensation guidelines along with an apology letter by at the end of this month on the company’s website and an independent Seoul-based law firm will conduct the review process for affected workers for their compensation eligibility antique silver cufflinks uk uk sale. South Korean activist group Sharps claims around 200 workers have fallen ill after working at Samsung plants and 70 of them have died subsequently. Hwang Sang-ki, founder of Sharps and father of a dead chip factory worker with leukemia, told Reuters that besides those 200 he expected more workers to apply for compensation, but it would take a long medical process to prove their diseases are directly related to the work environment..

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Lawyers launched a class action lawsuit in Israel on Thursday against Airbnb, accusing the company of “outrageous discrimination” and demanding monetary damages after it withdrew listings of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. The San Francisco-based company said this week it was removing listings of around 200 homes in settlements after hearing criticism from people who “believe companies should not profit on lands where people have been displaced” antique silver cufflinks uk uk sale.

Through her attorneys, Ma’anit Rabinovich from the West Bank settlement of Kida, who offers guest room rentals, said the move “represents especially grave, offensive and outrageous discrimination”. Rabinovich claimed 15,000 shekels ($2,573) in personal damages antique silver cufflinks uk uk sale. The class action lawsuit would seek an as yet unspecified sum on behalf of others in the same situation, according to court papers presented at Jerusalem District Court. “The company’s decision is in effect directed solely against Israeli citizens living in the settlements, the petitioner claims, and this is severe, especially outrageous discrimination,” Rabinovich’s lawyers said in a statement..

“(It is) part of the long war being conducted by organizations (of which a clear majority are anti-Semitic) against the State of Israel in its entirety, and against Israelis living in settlements in particular.”. Palestinians who want to establish an independent state taking in the West Bank have welcomed Airbnb’s move antique silver cufflinks uk uk sale. Most world powers view Israel’s construction of settlements on occupied Palestinian land as a violation of international law, and Palestinians say it is wrong for companies to profit from them..