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“I’ve never seen (the Alberta government) so active on this front,” said the source, who asked not to be identified because the matter is politically sensitive. “That is a shift.”. Alberta Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd said the province has sent a proposal to Ottawa to move crude faster by rail that includes making more tank cars available. “We’re giving away our resources cheap,” she told reporters. “We need market access.” father of the bride cufflinks i loved her first uk sale. Neighboring Saskatchewan stands to lose C$500 million in annual royalties if the discount for Canadian crude remains steep, Saskatchewan Energy Minister Bronwyn Eyre said..

“People have placed quite a lot of hope in that (Keystone) project, so it’s a major setback,” she said in an interview. Morris, in his ruling, ordered the government to issue a more thorough environmental analysis before the project proceeds. He said the analysis failed to fully review the effects of the current oil price on the pipeline’s viability and did not fully model potential spills and offer mitigation measures. The ruling likely sets Keystone back by up to one year, said Dan Ripp, president of Bradley Woods Research father of the bride cufflinks i loved her first uk sale.

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) – A U.S. federal judge in Montana halted construction of TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO) Keystone XL oil pipeline on Thursday, saying a U.S. environmental analysis “fell short of a ‘hard look’” at the cumulative effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on Native American land resources father of the bride cufflinks i loved her first uk sale. The ruling is the latest delay to the project, a decade in planning, which was revived by U.S. President Donald Trump after being halted by his predecessor, Barack Obama..

KXL, as it is known, is a proposed $8 billion, 1,180 mile (1,900 km) pipeline that would carry heavy crude to Steele City, Nebraska, from Canada’s oil sands in Alberta. Planned by Canada’s TransCanada, KXL would provide a shortcut to carry more Canadian oil to U.S. markets, complementing the existing Keystone line than runs from Alberta to Steele City and then Gulf Coast refineries. Crude production in Alberta’s oil sands is expanding faster than pipeline capacity, creating a bottleneck that has driven down prices. Canada’s heavy crude now fetches a fraction of the benchmark U.S father of the bride cufflinks i loved her first uk sale. light oil price, and some producers have curtailed production. The steep discount has stripped billions of dollars from the Canadian economy by some estimates..

Environmental groups have campaigned against pipelines to carry crude from Canada’s oil sands, saying extraction methods used in the region harm the environment more than conventional oil drilling. In Nebraska, landowners blasted what they saw as heavy-handed efforts by TransCanada to force the pipe through ecologically sensitive areas. Obama, a Democrat, axed the project in 2015, saying Canada would reap most of the economic benefits while the project would add to greenhouse gas emissions. President Donald Trump, a Republican, pushed to approve KXL soon after he took office, saying it would create U.S father of the bride cufflinks i loved her first uk sale. jobs. In 2017, a presidential permit allowed the line to move forward, and several environmental groups sued the U.S. government..

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“Would I be surprised if beyond 2020 capex budgets start to move higher? No, I wouldn’t bmw cufflinks uk sale. There will be a little cost inflation and they will need to start thinking about their production profile into the 2020s,” Bishop said. The appetite for huge multi-billion-dollar projects such as deepwater oil fields and large gas processing facilities that became the trademark for Big Oil has however weakened, Bishop said. Instead, companies should opt for smaller-scale and phased projects where spending is better controlled such as shale oil and offshore field expansions as well as non-oil and gas projects such as chemical plants and power generation, he added..

“There seems to be less appetite for just ploughing money straight back into the ground,” according to Bishop. “From our side, unless you have new opportunities right at the bottom of the cost curve we are not that desperate for you to drive volume growth in terms of oil.”. GRAPHIC: Big Oil cashflow – tmsnrt.rs/2Pn84xn. BlackRock sees the transition away from fossil fuels to cleaner low-carbon energy happening faster than many oil companies expect, with oil demand peaking in the early 2030s, Bishop said, around a decade earlier than most other forecasts bmw cufflinks uk sale.

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia wants to reclaim from Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) the fees the U.S bmw cufflinks uk sale. bank received for helping state fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) [TERRN.UL] raise money as well as consequential losses, Minister of Finance Lim Guan Eng said on Tuesday. “The Malaysian government will want to reclaim all the fees paid, as well as all the losses including the interest rate differential,” Lim told reporters. He said the rate Malaysia received was about 100 basis points higher than the market rate..

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Tuesday U.S. prosecutors had promised to help return money that Goldman Sachs (GS.N) charged for its dealings with troubled Malaysian state fund 1MDB. The U.S bmw cufflinks uk sale. investment bank has been under scrutiny for its role in helping raise funds through bond offerings for 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) TERRN.UL, which is the subject of corruption and money-laundering investigations in at least six countries. The U.S. Department of Justice has said about $4.5 billion was misappropriated from 1MDB, including some money that Goldman helped raise, by high-level officials of the fund and their associates from 2009 through 2014. U.S. prosecutors filed criminal charges against two former Goldman Sachs bankers earlier this month..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) will on Tuesday announce it has selected New York and Northern Virginia for its second headquarters, a source told Reuters, ending a more than year-long contest that has seen frenzied bidding from locales across North America bmw cufflinks uk sale. Amazon’s plan to split its second headquarters, dubbed “HQ2”, evenly between two cities will boost its presence around New York and the nation’s capital as it seeks to gain a recruiting edge over Silicon Valley tech firms..

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Tariff critics argue that rising profits for the steel industry come at the expense of its customers and their workers. Higher prices mean steel users – companies making everything from tractors to skyscrapers – could cut 16 jobs for every one added in steel manufacturing, according to the Trade Partnership Worldwide LLC, a pro-trade economic forecasting and consulting firm in Washington cufflink shirts uk sale. Tariff advocates call such worries overblown. “What you see six months into the steel tariffs is that the manufacturing economy is strong,” says Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing..

Steel consumers say their cutbacks will come over time, as higher steel prices erode their competitiveness cufflink shirts uk sale. Major automakers including Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors have said the steel tariffs will mean billions of dollars in new costs for the industry, and GM recently announced cuts to North American white collar staff. The impact reaches far beyond auto factories to anyone who uses steel. Joe Pecoraro, a project executive at Skender Construction, a Chicago builder, said the tariffs caused him to delay two projects that would have produced at least 130 construction jobs..

(Reuters) – The investigation into Flipkart Group chief Binny Bansal that led to his resignation on Tuesday stemmed from an allegation of sexual assault that dates back a few years, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters cufflink shirts uk sale. “In late July .. an allegation came to us. It was a claim of sexual assault against Binny,” the source said, adding the individual concerned was a former Flipkart associate who was not with the company at the time of making the allegation. “The investigation could not corroborate the allegation. It did, however, surface a lack of transparency on Binny’s part.”..

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Europe’s top court dealt the food industry a blow on Tuesday as it dismissed an attempt by a Dutch cheese maker to copyright its cream cheese, saying that the taste of a food product does not qualify for copyright protection cufflink shirts uk sale. Dutch company Levola Hengelo, maker of a cheese spread called Heksenkaas (witches’ cheese), took rival Smilde to court for making what it said was a copy of its product and hence infringed its copyright in the taste of the cheese. The Dutch court subsequently sought guidance from the Luxembourg-based European Court of Justice (ECJ)..

ECJ judges backed the July recommendation of the court adviser. “The taste of a food product is not eligible for copyright protection,” the ECJ said. Unlike a literary, pictorial, cinematographic or musical work, the taste of a food product cannot be identified with precision and objectivity, judges said. Furthermore, taste depends on the person tasting the product, age, food preferences and the environment and context in which the food is consumed, the court said cufflink shirts uk sale. Heksenkaas, now a subsidiary of Dutch food maker Salad Signature which bought it from Levola Hengelo early this year, said it was disappointed with the court ruling..

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The desirability of the jobs underscores a political dynamic often lost in the debate over Trump’s trade policy. In places like Sedalia, where 70 percent of residents of the surrounding county voted for Trump, steel jobs are prized over other blue-collar work. Sedalia assigned a team of 10 people to court Nucor for a year, and the state provided tax incentives that could total nearly $27.3 million over 15 years. Local economic development director Jessica Craig called the jobs “transformative.” swarovski round cufflinks uk sale.

Nucor gets a warm reception in Washington, too, where it’s the biggest spender on lobbying among steel firms, laying out $1.25 million so far this year, down from a peak of $2.71 million in 2015, according to Nucor disclosures compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. Nucor’s political spending, which also includes millions of dollars in donations to political candidates, started under former CEO Dan DiMicco, who started in 2000 and stepped down in 2012. DiMicco went on to advise Trump on manufacturing during the presidential transition and is now a member of his Advisory Committee for Trade Policy Negotiations, a key venue for business leaders to influence U.S. trade negotiators..

Nucor also gave $1 million to a San Diego nonprofit in 2011, which was used by Peter Navarro – now a top Trump trade adviser – to make a film called “Death by China.” At one point, the film depicts a knife emblazoned with “made in China” plunging into an American flag as a voice-over intones: “China is the only major nation in the world that is preparing to kill Americans.” swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. DiMicco said his experience running Nucor shaped his views. “My customers came to me and said, ‘China is killing us’,” he said in an interview, “so this turned into something much larger than the steel industry … You may have to put tariffs on every product from China to change their behavior.”..

As they raise alarms about unfair competition, however, Nucor executives take pride in the company’s performance despite such headwinds swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. Nucor has been profitable since 1968 in every year but one – 2009, amid a global financial crisis. Nucor has also sought to block other companies’ efforts to win exemptions from the tariffs through a Commerce Department process that awards them in cases where, for instance, a company can’t find the type of steel it needs domestically. Nucor said it filed objections to about 10 percent of the more than 42,000 steel exemption requests received as of October 22..

They included those from companies such as NLMK Pennsylvania LLC, which sought exemptions for imported slabs it uses to make steel coils swarovski round cufflinks uk sale. “They don’t even make the kind of slabs we use,” CEO Bob Miller said of Nucor, who he believes wants to compete with him in selling coils. “It’s totally anti-competitive.”. The tariffs are boosting capacity of the slabs NLMK needs, Nucor said in a statement, so there should be “plenty of slabs available domestically.”..

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BERLIN (Reuters) – Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) and an independent monitoring team still have “a lot of work to do” before the company’s compliance procedures can be certified after a $27 billion global emissions cheating scandal, Larry Thompson, an independent compliance auditor, said on Thursday identifying cufflinks uk sale. Thompson, a former deputy U.S. attorney general, was installed in 2017 as compliance auditor as part of VW’s criminal plea agreement with the U.S. Justice Department. Thompson had been due to appear at a conference hosted by German magazine Automobilwoche, but instead spoke to participants in a video recording due to a scheduling conflict..

He said VW was making good progress on improving its processes, and cited what he called “very good cooperation and support” by VW’s project management office, as well as top company executives and the works councils of both VW and Audi. VW and other German carmakers agreed on Thursday to spend up to 3,000 euros ($3,430) per vehicle, including through trade-in incentives, to help reduce diesel emissions given a growing number of driving bans in major cities identifying cufflinks uk sale. Top German politicians say the emissions cheating scandal damaged the global reputation of the German car industry, and say consumers should not bear the cost of retrofitting cars..

Thompson said his team had reviewed thousands of pages of documents and spoken with hundreds of employees and officers. Now, he said, VW and the monitoring team would begin testing to ensure revamped compliance procedures actually worked. “This effort is critical. Ultimately I must certify that the company’s compliance program is effective, that it is designed to prevent and detect violations of the anti-fraud and environmental laws,” he said. “Both the company and the monitor team have a lot of work to do before certification.” identifying cufflinks uk sale.

In August, when Thompson released a first public report on the turnaround effort, he said he disagreed with some VW executives’ use of privacy and attorney client privilege rights to withhold information. Hiltrud Werner, VW’s chief of integrity and legal affairs, said the company was working hard to transform its culture through a wide range of measures, including asking managers to take be more pro-active about compliance issues identifying cufflinks uk sale. “This is a hot phase for us, and that means we must bundle all energies in the company,” she told the conference, adding that certification was due to be completed by mid-2020..

WINNIPEG, Manitoba/NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. judge in Montana has blocked construction of the Keystone XL pipeline designed to carry heavy crude oil from Canada to the United States, drawing praise on Friday from environmental groups and a rebuke from President Donald Trump. The ruling of a U.S. Court in Montana late on Thursday dealt a setback to TransCanada Corp (TRP.TO), whose stock fell 1.7 percent in Toronto. Shares of companies that would ship oil on the pipeline also slid identifying cufflinks uk sale. TransCanada said in a statement it remains committed to building the $8 billion, 1,180 mile (1,900 km) pipeline, but it has also said it is seeking partners and has not taken a final investment decision..

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Even if tariffs prompt such firms to expand, they are not likely to add large numbers of factory jobs because they have stayed competitive by slashing the amount of labor required to make steel. The Commerce Department said in a statement to Reuters that tariffs will help the Sedalia plant and 12 other steel projects create about 3,405 jobs cufflink post length uk sale. That’s a 2.4 percent gain industrywide, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute. About 1,400 of those jobs at six projects, including the three Nucor sites, were planned before tariffs or do not rely on them, according to some of the firms and a Reuters review of company documents. In addition, two other projects by Republic Steel, which would create 690 jobs by restarting previously idled operations, are not certain to go forward, the company said..

A Commerce Department spokesman did not comment on whether all the projects on the administration’s list depended on tariffs but pointed out that steel imports have declined recently and domestic production has increased cufflink post length uk sale. The department said broad tariffs on imports were needed because of rampant “chicanery” by foreign producers who evaded existing countervailing and anti-dumping duties, which are applied narrowly to specific products. Nucor has led the sector’s transformation to labor-saving plants since the 1970s, replacing older blast furnaces with more efficient modern electric arc furnaces..

Trump’s tariffs may prove pivotal in extending the life of older, less efficient plants such as U.S. Steel’s Granite City plant near St. Louis, where the president held an event in July to tout tariffs. The company credits tariffs for its decision to add 800 jobs by restarting two blast furnaces it had idled in 2015. A total of 1,500 workers will now work in a factory where sparks fly and molten steel is still poured from giant ladles in a labor-intensive, multi-step process. At Nucor’s plant in Sedalia, by contrast, 225 people will make steel with a high-tech furnace that shoots electricity through scrap metal to melt it into new products. That technology is now used to produce nearly 70 percent of U.S. steel – with a third less labor and energy, according to Charles Bradford, president of Bradford Research Inc cufflink post length uk sale.

Nucor CEO John Ferriola testified in Washington last year that tariffs would encourage steel-sector investment, but he emphasized in a statement to Reuters that the company’s own capital projects are “designed to be competitive even without tariffs.”. Although Nucor’s expansions don’t depend on protectionist policy, a company spokesperson said, tariffs make such investments easier by limiting the dumping of artificially low-priced steel on the U.S. market. Nucor announced last month that it had nearly tripled its third-quarter profits, to $676.66 million, compared to a year ago cufflink post length uk sale. Earnings for steel companies in the S&P’s steel index soared more than 75 percent in the first half of 2018 and are expected to jump 166 percent in the second half, according to I/B/E/S data from Refinitiv..

Nucor has led the way in slashing labor costs with modern factories, a trend driving industry job loss as the hours of labor needed to produce a ton of steel has been cut from nearly 10 to two since 1980, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute. Nucor selected Sedalia because of its location on a main rail line, near ample scrap metal sources and major construction markets needing the plant’s steel rebar. Although the plant will create few jobs compared to steel factories of the past, the positions – with salaries averaging $65,000 – are highly coveted in Sedalia, where home values average $86,000 and 15 percent of adults have a college degree, according to U.S. census data cufflink post length uk sale.