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Danske Bank shares: tmsnrt.rs/2PKHpuE. On Tuesday, a coalition of law firms said they would be pursuing compensation on behalf of investors, in the first move to claim damages against Danske Bank. Danske Bank’s interim CEO Jesper Nielsen told the EU lawmakers that it had found signs of internal collusion and suspicious activity that needed to be investigated 14k gold cufflinks uk sale. “It is up for the authorities now to determine the exact level of money laundering and the same goes for what happens to the 42 people that have been reported to authorities and the eight that has been directly to the police,” Nielsen said..

Wilkinson, whose anonymity was ended by an Estonian newspaper, said this was a “gross abuse of human rights”, in part because whistleblowers risk never working again 14k gold cufflinks uk sale. The Briton said he did not back mandatory internal reporting channels for whistleblowers, although he said it would not have crossed his mind to go to Estonian authorities in 2013 because he trusted his employer to deal properly with his reports. He also called on EU lawmakers to ban non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) such as the one he signed with Danske Bank, which prevent former employees speaking out over wrongdoing..

“I took the view that the right thing to do was to take his (a senior executive’s) word for it and take the money,” he said when asked why he had signed an NDA with Danske Bank 14k gold cufflinks uk sale. Wilkinson reiterated his view that almost all the money that flowed through Danske Bank’s Estonian branch passed through banks in the United States, including one major European lender. “In my estimate 80-90 percent of the money that went through Danske Bank ended up in dollars leaving through U.S. correspondent banks into the financial system,” he said..

Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and Bank of America all cleared dollar transactions for Danske’s Estonian branch, sources have told Reuters. JPMorgan ended the correspondent banking relationship with Danske in 2013 on grounds that transactions did not comply with anti-money laundering rules, a person familiar with the matter said on Monday, while Bank of America has declined to comment. Wilkinson’s U.S. lawyer Stephen Kohn has said the EU should harmonize whistleblower protection with the United States to avoid major money laundering scandals like the Danske incident 14k gold cufflinks uk sale.

In a written response to the EU lawmakers, Kohn called for the establishment of a government agency where whistleblowers can report confidentially or anonymously, as well as payments of 10-30 percent of the proceeds obtained from wrongdoers to incentivize whistleblowers to step forward. A number of U.S. authorities offer financial rewards to incentivize informants to help recover billions of dollars lost to large-scale and often well hidden economic crime. The U.S 14k gold cufflinks uk sale. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says it alone paid $168 million to 13 individuals in the latest financial year, up from $50 million in the previous year. It has handed $326 million to 59 people since the program began in 2011..